One Direction Obsession

1DI suppose I really couldn’t go forever with a blog about Britain without mentioning (at least once) the hottest “boy band”, One Direction. And I do so now only because their new film – the ever popular behind-the-scenes-of-our-tour “movie” – is due to be released soon.

Apparently, some fans are upset that the film puts them in a negative light. I’m sorry, but when you threaten to kill yourself because one of the guys has not tweeted to you personally is insane. It’s fine to be a fan of any singing group or individual artist, but your life is not so invaluable that you should throw it away on the likes of these guys. I’m sure the first words from any teen would be, “But she’s only joking!” And to that, I would point out suicide isn’t something to joke about. Ever. Besides, these guys have millions of fans. They don’t have time to cater to each girl individually. They’re about making music, not making obsessive girls happy.

I have nothing against One Direction. I’ve heard some of their tunes and they have a good sound. I wish them all the success in the world. Especially since they’re from the UK. 🙂 And I really like that none of them likes to dance. LOL


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