Tea for sleep

I’m going to plug this particular type of tea here on my blog because I know of a few people who have received such benefit from it.

Rooibos tea helps if you are having trouble sleeping. A cup of it before you go to sleep at night will quiet your brain and allow your body to relax more efficiently so you get a better night’s rest. I just recently got some for my girlfriend and after three nights of using it, she’s noticed a major difference. She told me this morning that she didn’t want to get out of bed this morning because she’s been sleeping so well. She noticed her brain has been quieter at night, allowing her to fall into a deeper more restful sleep. She’s not the only one who has noticed the benefits of the Rooibos. A friend of mine who works three jobs and is super busy during the winter got sold on Rooibos because the woman who owns the tea shop I visit so often has a background in compound pharmacology. She recommended it to him and then I recommended it to another friend who visited in April. Now with my girlfriend, I know three people sold on the benefits of Rooibos.

So if you’re having trouble sleeping, buy some Rooibos tea and enjoy a brew before bedtime.


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