British… Britons… Britians? 😉



5 thoughts on “Britons

  1. Nice to know someone out there likes us – you must be the last of your kind methinks! Living in ‘Historic Kent’ I shall, if you don’t mind, follow you posts with great interest.

    1. Oh yes I love Britain!! Kent sounds like a lovely place to visit. 🙂 If I get back there I will certainly visit your area!!

      1. It is indeed a wonderful place – should you ever need a list of ‘must see’ places the tourist brochures won’t tell you about my wife and I will put one together for you and send it via the ‘blog’ thing – I am very new to this ‘blogging’ so it’s also nice to know I haven’t been throwing words into the ether!

  2. If you see up at the top just below the blog title there is a link called Future Visit. Feel free to leave your list in a comment on that page.

    I’m thrilled to have someone comment as most merely “like” my posts and move on.

    1. Being largely speaking PC illiterate I’ve only just stumbled across this ‘comments’ page – I will attempt to seek out the link you advise upon! Thank you for replying.

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