Prince William steps in for queen at honors ceremony

I hope he didn’t slip and cut any ears or slice the top off. 😉 And I’m curious to know why Charles didn’t do it. Does this mean Chuck will be skipped over when HRH passes? I hope so. No love for that man, if you hadn’t noticed. 😛

Dressed in uniform and wielding a ceremonial sword, Prince William dubbed his first knights today, stepping in for the queen to host his first investiture, or honors, ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

It’s another step forward into the “senior royal” category for the second-in-line to the throne: He presided over one of the more antique duties of the monarch, that of handing out coveted medals, titles and honors to worthy citizens in the splendor of the palace ballroom.

British tennis star Andy Murray was among the dozens of honorees; he received an OBE (Order of the British Empire) medal pinned to his chest.

Queen Elizabeth II, or sometimes William’s father, Prince Charles, usually does the honors, about 25 times a year, usually at Buckingham Palace but sometimes at Windsor Castle or other royal palaces.

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