15 Questions Irish People are Sick of Answering

I don’t know if there are any Irishmen (or women) who read/follow this blog, but if there are, please let me know if you get asked any of these questions and how often.

I read through these questions and couldn’t help but think that it’s Americans who are always asking such stupid questions…

  1. Do you eat loads of potatoes?
  2. Why don’t you have red hair?
  3. Are you Catholic or Protestant?
  4. Do you know Niall Horan?
  5. Do you only drink Guinness?
  6. You’re a big drinker, though, right?
  7. What are you doing for St Patty’s Day?
  8. Have you seen a leprechaun?
  9. My great-great-great cousin came from Ireland. Maybe we’re related?
  10. Do you hate English people?
  11. Why do you spell your name in such a weird way?
  12. Do you know Jedward?
  13. Do you have the Queen too?
  14. Do you eat Haggis?
  15. ‘Father Ted’ is based on real events, yeah?

I have Irish heritage and am proud of it. I even changed the spelling of my first name to the proper Irish spelling like the County. 😉



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