A Change of Rule

Well, now that we are fully entrenched in 2014, I thought it prudent to return to the blog and share my opinion on my favourite subject: Great Britain.

I found this interesting article about what the Queen thinks the Duchess of Cambridge should wear when out in public, and to a certain extent I know it’s due to the age difference. However, I do not think that anything the Duchess has ever worn could be considered even remotely tasteless. Her skirts always hit a very respectable point above the knee without ever being inappropriate.

What really got my hackles up, though, was a link to a side article about Prince Charles not wanting us to obsess about Will and Kate. In fact, his press office will be absorbing Will and Kate’s press office, so I’m guessing we will see a severe drop in any news about the royal couple and a spike in news about Prince Charles. I smell a jealous rat. One that shouldn’t even be allowed to become king if HRH’s own uncle was forced to abdicate in the face of marriage to a divorcée. It’s clear most people would prefer Prince William over Charles.

Either way, my opinion matters little since I’m only a Colonist. ;o)



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