21 Things Brits Hate About Americans

I had no idea these things annoy you Brits about us. If anyone can can explain #19 I would greatly appreciate it.

And in defense of myself for #12 and #18, the only time I’ve ever attempted a British accent in front of a Brit was with my friend H who is blind and I figured there’s something to it when she said I sound good because I figure a blind person’s hearing is more acute than a seeing person’s.

As for #14, the situation is quite often reversed. Law & Order UK is a copy of our collection of L&O series. And here’s a list of other British knock-offs of our series.

I just love the way animated gifs of Betty White are sprinkled throughout the list. LOL

Anyway, I’d love to hear if any of my followers agree or disagree with this list or even have something not included.

21 Things


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