British vs American Tastes

I came across this article on BBC America’s website about one individual’s experience as a Brit trying American foods both before and after moving here. I found it amusing, as I do all discussion about our food vs. your food, because if I don’t find it amusing, I will despair. After my first trip to England in 2006, I returned home and spoke to my neighbour of the trip and after speaking with her then (and a few times since), she is firm in her stereotypical belief that all food in England is bland. I don’t know where she got that notion, but I assured her that it is far from bland. After all, I don’t think that English mustard is bland in the least.

Each time I visited England, I had American fast food only once (per trip) and each time I found that I preferred McDonald’s or Burger King done the English way to be more appealing to my palate. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything I’ve ever eaten while there. I love the English breakfast; the fish n chips; bangers & mash and everything else I can’t think of that I’ve eaten. I even really like the Weetabix mentioned in the article. I’ve also noticed it being sold here in the US now, though I haven’t bought a box. My favourite place to find food is Gregg’s (I’ve even linked to it on my blog roll). While the steak and potato pie I had once was a bit spicier than I like, I ate a good portion of it.

The only thing I disagree with – and I’m sure it’s because I have a wonky palate – is that I don’t find ketchup to be sweet. In fact, if I eat a lot of it at once, I break out in a mild sweat. And not all barbeque sauce is the same across the country. Some areas strictly use a sauce – which may be sweet or savoury – or they may use a dry rub which can also be sweet or savoury.

Differences in culinary ideals is good. It’s okay if you don’t like all of our foods. There’s plenty I don’t either. LOL As long as you leave the cottage/shepherd’s pie alone.


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