New Series: Tea Tip Tuesday

I am copying this from info shared by the owners of the English Tea Room I visit at least once a month. It’s owned by a lovely couple and Jan is a lovely woman with a background in compound pharmacy. She is always helpful if you are looking for specific health benefits of teas.


red_tea_4Pu-Erh Tea – now that’s an exotic name! But just what is Pu-Erh tea and why are so many people so excited about this?

Pu-Erh tea is a dark black fermented tea from the Yunnan area in China. The tea is mainly harvested from very large and ancient tea trees and giant tea leaves.

The leaves are processed by allowing fermentation and aging, sometimes for many years. Even aging for up to 50 years in caves or buried in laps sacks.

This processing allows a deep earthy flavor- some people find it has leather or a mushroom character in aroma and taste. It is very unique and prized for it’s reported health benefits. Studies have shown reduction in cholesterol levels. Weight loss has been reported in many people who drink Pu-Erh tea. It is not a magic cure all for weight loss , but can be helpful when combined with diet and exercise.

In China, Pu-Erh is used as a drink when high fat meals are consumed. It is thought to break down and reduce absorption of fats. It is also consumed after drinking alcohol as a preventive of the effects of a hang over.

Because of the strong woodsy and unique flavor of this tea, other flavors can be used to make it more appealing.


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