My Wish for Scotland

By this time of the day for me here in the US, most people of Scotland are winding down their day and looking ahead to a good night’s rest before waking tomorrow to decide on the future of their country.

Should Scotland break from the Union? Should they remain? To be perfectly honest, I don’t know nor do I feel that I, as an American, have a right to an opinion on the matter.

There is no best answer in this situation. I don’t really believe either option is better than the other.

I love Scotland even though I’ve never set foot on their beautiful soil. I call myself an Anglophile, but truthfully I’m drifting away from being a lover strictly of the English and feel that I would put Scotland and Wales above England. So what do you call the Scottish and Welsh versions of an Anglophile? Anyone know?

My most sincere wish for the vote on the referendum tomorrow is that each side learn to live with the eventual outcome. If the majority of citizens vote to break from the Union, I hope those who wanted to remain will accept the result. Likewise, I hope if the majority votes to remain within the Union, those who preferred to leave accept the result. As one who lives in a country where few politicians are ever willing to accept voting results at face value, I sincerely hope that is not a trend typical of Scotland or anywhere else for that matter.

I will love Scotland no matter which way the tide turns. And I hope that someday I will be able to visit such a lovely place.


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