29 Things Non-Brits Will Never Understand About Britain

I’m sorry, but sometimes things aren’t meant to be understood, merely accepted.

There are, however, a few I’d like to comment on:

#5 – I have to admit I don’t understand this either.

#8 – As far as I’m concerned, the US has no room to talk.

#12 – Baronets sounds to me like a baby baron. Lol

#13 – What bothers me is the deviations from the original.

#16 – This is very confusing to me as well.

#18 – It’s not strange, but amusing. Especially if you’ve got a copy of 1,000 Years of Annoying the French.

#21 – This doesn’t bother me as my paternal grandmother used to refer to lunch as dinner.

#26 – It’s DELICIOUS. Clearly the writer of this list never had proper Yorkshire pudding. Unbelievable.

#27 – Yes, you DO pronounce things oddly. But that’s part of your charm.

#28 – That’s why I let my native friends remain in charge of my travel while in country. Lol

Original list


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