Fox hunting may be legal again

I admit that I try hard not to comment too much on another country’s politics because I am limited in my knowledge of the whole situation and I know living in a situation is vastly different to observing the events.

Having said that, I believe it will be a very bad thing for Tories to potentially legalise fox hunting again if they are voted into majority in May. Even if they just bring up the opportunity for the voting public to decide whether to legalise it again, it would not be good.

I freely acknowledge being enthralled during my first visit to England in 2006 when I saw a local hunting group ride by the house I stayed in. I wished that I had had my camera handy, but alas it is only meant to be a memory to cling to. I understand, now, that technically the only part of the hunt which has been banned is the actual dog/fox kill and that it’s mostly the tradition that people are keeping alive.

As of 2013, the only area of the country seeing an overpopulation of foxes is in and around London and I cannot imagine hunting parties riding through the city on horseback trying to find and kill the foxes. Responsibly removing foxes from a highly populated area like London is better both for the animals and humans as well. Randomly killing foxes when their meat isn’t even eaten, just for sport is neither responsible nor good for the survival of the species.

I don’t have a problem with hunting for food, but I have a huge problem with hunting for sport.


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