Don’t Change the Unchangeable

Dear Kraft Foods,

This morning when I logged onto my work computer, where my browser’s homepage is set to Yahoo! UK & Ireland, I saw a news story that caught my eye. You have committed a grievous sin. You have altered Cadbury Creme Eggs for 2015. This is an unforgivable sin which I hope will be bourne out by lower sales of this product for your company.

You should never change a well-established product, especially if it’s made in another country. The British aren’t Americans, Kraft, they have different values when it comes to the food they consume (for the most part) and something as iconic as Cadbury Creme Eggs should be left alone. No, there is no  explicit statement that the Cadbury Creme Eggs are made from Dairy Milk, but everything else Cadbury makes has that description, so why should the Creme Eggs be made exclusively different?

I question your consumer testing and am willing to bet that the testing was either done here in the United States where people don’t care if there’s a difference in how chocolate tastes as long as it’s similar to what they expect it to be OR you tested it among Brits without telling them it was meant to be a Cadbury Creme Egg with something other than Dairy Milk Chocolate.

Please return the recipe to its original form or I shall call down the wrath of the Gods of Chocolate upon your company and do all I can to discourage people I know from purchasing your fake chocolate.


A Very Concerned Consumer


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