Tea and Me: Red Velvet

V02157Okay I realised as I’m sitting here at my work desk enjoying my brew, that this is one I haven’t mentioned on here before. I know it’s been a long time since I’ve mentioned tea and that’s because I’ve been stuck in a rut. For my birthday back in January, my friend gave me a trio of tea tins. One contained English Breakfast loose tea, the second English Afternoon loose tea and the third held tea bags, which I’m sure were English Breakfast. And then there’s the loose tea I bought from a friend whose sons were selling coffee/tea as a school fundraiser. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Last Friday I went to the English Tea Room – something I hadn’t done in what seems like ages. I picked up an old reliable tea, because I’ve had to tighten my belt financially lately. So I have raspberry chai and this other kind which is a rooibos.

It’s rather redundant to call something both a red velvet and a chocolate anything because red velvet is chocolate, with red food colouring to change the appearance. Anyone who has ever made a red velvet cake from scratch knows this. So this tea is redundantly called Red Velvet Chocolate. I bought it after discovering this tea while looking for another tea. It’s made by a company called The Republic of Tea. It’s a lovely tea, yet I do not think they should encourage people to add milk to this particular tea. Firstly, because it doesn’t add any richness (I was hoping for a milk chocolatey taste) to the tea, but more importantly, and rather off-putting, is that it turns the tea pink. For those who have never had rooibos, it’s a red tea and an herbal tea. I understand it’s common in South Africa to treat rooibos as a black tea and add milk and sugar, but drinking pink tea is just too weird for me. Besides, unlike black tea, red tea isn’t super strong without something to tame the beast.


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