Remembering 7/7

Hard to believe it’s been 10 years since the London bombing. I’m sitting here reading over things and I realise it’s been 10 years, not 9. I was thinking that it happened just before my first trip overseas in 2006, but not so. I guess I don’t remember it properly because that time in 2005 was a tumultuous period in my own life. I do recall, however, being asked by family if I was concerned about any other terrorists plots prior to my 2006 trip. I know I wasn’t then and I wouldn’t be now. One of the aims of terrorists is to make us all so scared we don’t leave our houses. Ever again. And if that happens, they win. So even if my trip had been scheduled for me to arrive on 8 July 2005, I still would have gone.

Of course despite having visited England three times, I’ve never been to London. I’m sure that London is a lovely city, rich in ancient history, but I feel there’s more to England than London. Just like there’s more to the United States than New York, Miami, Chicago or Los Angeles. But besides that, the friends I have visited don’t live anywhere near London, so I go where the free accommodation is. 😉

I am glad, nay relieved, that there has never been additional bombings in London since that fateful day. I cannot imagine what it’s like to lose a loved one in a horrible event like this and I hope with every day it gets a tiny bit easier for the families who lost loved ones.


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