The Real Downton Abbey

I confess: I am not nor have I been at any point a fan of Downton Abbey. My friends certainly don’t understand my disinterest since they all know I consider myself an Anglophile. I can’t even bring myself to even try watching an episode. I went through the motion of getting the first part of Series 1 from Netflix, but couldn’t bring myself to put it in the DVD player. The only reason I have to explain my disinterest is that it’s set in a more modern period. My love of British history stops at the end of the Victorian Era.

Still, my love of one author in particular – Anne Perry – has given me a pretty good idea of what life was like when families had entire staffs and there were those who lived below stairs. Her mystery series featuring the characters of Thomas and Charlotte Pitt give one a good idea.

I happened across a three part series about what life was really like for these people who were servants. I like this so far because the historian in charge comes from two sets of grandparents who were servants. So I think she has greater access to people who would’ve lived as a servant way back when.

Part One:


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