This is why I love England

I admit that growing up I blindly loved England simply because I thought it was better than where I live in the US. Cooler stuff, cool accents, etc. But I’ve grown up, I’ve met people who live there and I’ve learned more history about the country. Now, I realise that England has its flaws, but one thing you can never deny it possessing is history and lots of it. A lot of visible history. History you can touch, taste, hear. History that tells you that while modern man is accepting of his disposable life, those in the past wanted things to last.

There’s another reason why I love England (though admittedly now I would gravitate toward Scotland or Wales) is that the following experience had by a friend of one of my dearest friends would never, could never happen here:

… and then most of last night in the dungeons of Lancaster Castle. No, I’m not in trouble – not yet, anyway! I was attending a ‘promenade’ production of Measure for Measure which was absolutely brilliant. There was no stage, instead the scenes took place in appropriate rooms throughout the castle – including the dungeons. The performance was outstanding and the setting was perfect – if a bit cold at times!

Nowhere in this so-called great country of ours could you ever experience a Shakespeare play in a manner close to what he might’ve had in mind as the setting. The closest I’ve come to seeing a Shakespearean play in what might be called a proper setting was a few years ago when a local company performed ‘As You Like It’ in a garden area of the local park. That was certainly an unforgettable experience.


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