Thoughts on Recent Events

I didn’t think to write anything about Great Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, but then I remembered that I started this blog, in part, to give opinion on what goes on in the United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. I try very hard to steer away from political opinion because I figure it’s not my place to judge the political climate where I know little and my life isn’t affected by what happens.

However, I have just been heartbroken over the events of 23 June 2016 that I had to put down in words something. There’s so much divisiveness in the world today and I strongly believe it is a direct result of the choices past governments have made regarding terrorism and extremism in the Middle East. No one is willing to admit they screwed up at any point in the recent or distant past. No one is really willing to give meaningful assistance to help eradicate the extremists because Big Business controls the world and if they can’t make their millions, they make life miserable for the lowly folk. So the governments are only concerned with protecting business interests which has forced millions to leave their country to escape the extremism that they don’t follow.

WE are the cause of the millions of people fleeing their homes because they don’t want to die. Yet we don’t want to help them in any meaningful way, which makes us all utterly selfish. The extremists here in the United States want to slam the door in the face of immigrants – the very people on whose foundation this country was built.

One of my very best friends lives in England. I have had the privilege of visiting that country three times. It fills me with unimaginable joy every time I do. But I fear for her future. She’s not a wealthy woman and I have seen that taxes will increase as a result of ‘Brexit’.

It astounds me that thousands of people voted purely on emotion and the ‘Leave’ Party had no clear cut plan laid out for the eventuality of their success. Their only goal was to leave and now that they’ve succeeded, they’re standing around with their thumbs up their arses shouting about how 23 June is their independence day. But independence from what, I’m not sure, since they’ve been their own sovereign country for longer than anyone really thinks about. The ‘Leave’ Party is just standing around while the country falls to pieces economically and socially.

I can’t say I blame Scotland for their potential referendum vote to leave the United Kingdom. Who would want to remain attached to a country that is so horribly divided on itself?

I hope David Cameron is dead proud of the legacy he will be leaving behind: the destruction of two Unions. Can’t ask for better than that, can you Mr Cameron?

I do love England and always will, but your politicians are no better than ours.


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