Mystery of Tintagel Deepens

I’m sharing this because I love anything to do with King Arthur. Yes, I do believe he existed, because any legend has a grain of truth in it. What I don’t believe is this romanticised version of him, complete with sword and stone idea. I have definite plans to see Guy Ritchie’s take on the story, too, when King Arthur: Legend of the Sword comes out next year. He’s one of my favourite directors, so I think it’ll be a smashing good tale. Anyway, I do believe a man existed on whom Arthur and the legend surrounding him was built on, so yes I was thrilled to see these new discoveries about the castle in Cornwall which is part of the legend. I hope to visit some day.

The mysterious origins of the British archaeological site most often associated with the legend of King Arthur have just become even more mysterious.

Archaeologists have discovered the impressive remains of a probable Dark Age royal palace at Tintagel in Cornwall. It is likely that the one-metre thick walls being unearthed are those of the main residence of the 6th century rulers of an ancient south-west British kingdom, known as Dumnonia.

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