Tea and Me: Aged Earl Grey

I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted about tea and it’s not that I haven’t been drinking it, but that I’ve been drinking the same ol’ same ol’. Yesterday, however, I received a sampling of a brand I’d never had before: Numi. I’ve seen the brand on the shelf at the supermarket, but am devoted to Twinings, so I never had reason to want to buy Numi. Upon investigation with the Duck, I learned that they are a Fair Trade Tea Company based in California. The box I received has 8 different teas. Some I’ve enjoyed in the past and some which are new to me. I will post about all of them, though, whether I’ve had it before or not.


I’ve had Earl Grey before, but not in a very long time. I used to enjoy it exclusively when I first began drinking hot teas. So I decided to brew this old faithful this morning with my breakfast. I’m not sure why the ‘aged’ part is in the name. I’ll have to investigate a bit. It tasted like black tea to me. Honestly, unless it’s flavoured or something, I can only tell that it’s a black tea.

Though the last few posts about tea tasting didn’t include my scoring, I’ve found it again, so here’s the current rankings:

Likes – 8; Dislikes – 4; Undecided – 1


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