Tea and Me: Jasmine Green Tea

14138574_1112436185508000_720935341_nThis is another tea which I have had previously, but haven’t drunk in a long time. I really enjoy green tea. True green tea. Not the crap Lipton sells. Green tea, in my opinion, is meant to be lightly sweetened; the stuff you buy at the store in the chilled bottle area is overly sweet. I drank this yesterday with my lunch, but I had it chilled. I brewed it then poured it into a big cup of ice to cool it down to room temperature.

When Jasmine is added to green tea, it not only gives it a flowery scent, which is unmistakable, but also a sweeter taste. But again, not cloyingly sweet.

Definitely a repeater.

Likes – 12; Dislikes – 4; Undecided – 1


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