Celebrating 69 Years

queen-elizabeth-prince-philip-bride-queen-elizabeth-iiThough I have not watched the new programme about the early days of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, I have seen one clip that offers insight into the difficulties of their marriage. In all of the historical fiction I’ve read over the years, a monarch’s spouse is just as much a subject of the reigning monarch as anyone else. And in that role, they have to act accordingly. This particular scene which I’ve seen online involves a private moment between Elizabeth and Philip where he’s demanding to be treated as her husband and an equal and she cannot allow that he be treated as her equal because she is a queen.

Thankfully they have forged a strong alliance as both husband and wife and as queen and subject. Strong enough to bring four children into this world and for their marriage to last 69 years. In this day and age of divorces on a whim, that is nothing to ignore. Congratulations to Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.


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