St Andrew’s Day

Happy St Andrew’s Day! For those who are unfamiliar with the significance of St Andrew’s Day, it is the national day of Scotland.

Yes, if you’re a Christian, you should already know a bit about who Andrew was: a disciple of Jesus while he was here on Earth. He was a fisherman with his brother Peter, before leaving that life to follow Jesus in his travels around the known world. At the time of his death, Andrew was crucified for his beliefs, but not on the standard cross you might be familiar with from church. He was, instead, crucified on a diagonally transverse cross (a big X) that became known as St Andrew’s Cross. That symbol can be found on Scotland’s flag, known as The Saltire.


For a more detailed history of how a fisherman from Galilee became the patron saint of Scotland, I direct you to If you live in Scotland, how will you celebrate the day? If you’re Scottish, living elsewhere in the world, do you still honour the day?


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