Dear GB

Dear Great Britain (and the rest of Europe),

Forgive us our ignorance as our ignorant seem to speak louder than the rest of us. Please allow me to convey to you from the very depth of my being that I do not want the man we now have as a soon-to-be president to be in charge. I fear for the next four years and how the world will come to view the farce that is this country. I understand why he won, but that doesn’t mean I like it. I ask, then, that you bear in mind that not all of us unanimously put him into the White House, or, in fact, anywhere near it. I beg your forgiveness even as I embrace the beautiful sarcasm in response to this ignorant woman’s claims.


A Mildly Intelligent American

American journalists and conservatives love to claim that Europe has been “taken over” by Muslims. During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump got in trouble for falsely claiming that some areas of London were “so radicalized” that police were “afraid for their own lives.”

In the resulting fallout, more than 500,000 Brits signed a petition asking for Donald Trump to be banned from entering the United Kingdom, a debate in parliament later decided against such a ban.

And somehow, conservative American author Janie Johnson just made the same mistake. Last night, she published a tweet claiming that London as she knows it was “gone.”

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