London Attack

It breaks my heart to see an attack on the people of London. When an alleged terrorist does something like what has happened today – driving into a group of people and another trying to access the Houses of Parliament with a knife, clearly intent on doing harm – I fear the extremists win. But not the extremists that might first come to mind. I’m speaking of the extremists who are now clearly rampant in France, in the Netherlands, and most especially here in the United States. The ones who think all borders should be closed. That immigration is and should be a thing of the past. We should not help our fellow man. We shouldn’t care about anyone but those born in our respective countries. And that’s exactly what the other extremists – ISIS and their ilk – want. I try not to get political on here, but I just hate when something like this happens. And I hate the way things will be twisted around for the use of our horrible, horrible president.

Stay safe London. I’ve never met you, but you’ve got a long and storied history and I hope to meet you some day.


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