Smog of ’52

My best friend has really gotten into the Netflix series The Crown. Since I don’t have Netflix, I can’t view it, but it sounds interesting. She was most fascinated recently of how they addressed the big event of 1952: the smog that brought all of London to a standstill and killed thousands of people and probably just as many animals.

Though the smog issue is far from as bad as it was that fateful year, the air of London surely isn’t 100% pure. I recall from my days in college, a friend of mine was fortunate enough to spend a Spring semester in London courtesy of the college. The following year we roomed together and I got to hear a lot of detail about her stay in London. One of the most memorable to me was when she said the first time she had cause to blow her nose, whatever came out was black. Ick.

My current friend has felt so moved by the story of the Great Smog of 1952 she shared the story behind it and so I felt led to share it here. As with most tragic events, the Great Smog led to many environmental changes in London and the country itself.

The Great Smog of 1952


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