Manchester, United

manchester-distressed-union-jack-flag-mark-e-tisdaleIt breaks my heart to see a terrorist bombing of a place I hold so dear to my heart and also to see the young lives affected in such a traumatic way. The three times I have been to the UK, I have entered the country through Manchester because it’s nearer where my friend lives than London. People are always shocked to learn that I’ve been to England three times, but I’ve yet to see London. It is unfathomable that terrorists have so little regard for life that they would end the lives of these young girls and mentally and emotionally scar hundreds of others who were surely there. I will keep them all in my thoughts and close to my heart every day because we must stand strong against those who would try to destroy the democratic way of life. They seek to destroy, to sew chaos and divide us between those who want to take a hard line against terrorism and think bombing the crap out of the Middle East will solve our problems and those who know a more sensible response would result in fewer deaths. We must all, but most especially Manchester, remain United.



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