Dog from Canine Partners Gives Flowers to Queen

I thought this a lovely gesture. It doesn’t matter whether the flowers were given in hand or not. It was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen.

After the longest reign in British history, the Queen has received countless posies in her time. Few, though, will have been delivered in quite such style.

The Queen appeared delighted as she was offered a posy of flowers by a seven-year-old black Labrador, who is descended from one of her own breeding lines at Sandringham.

Yarna, one of 400 dogs at a charity which trains them to assist their disabled owners, performed a curtsey before offering the flowers to Her Majesty in front of a crowd.

Full story (with video of Yarna presenting the flowers)


Prince Harry Engaged!

I’m sure his mum is looking down on him, beaming with pride. ❤ Can't wait to see this wedding, hopefully.


For anyone (like me) who doesn’t know where Nottingham Cottage is in relation to Kensington Palace, I’ve found this image.


New Changing of the Queen’s Guard

For the first time in the ceremony’s 357 year history, the changing of the guard at Buckingham and St James Palaces occurred yesterday, 26 November 2017 between the Foot Guard Regiment of the Army’s Household Division and the Royal Navy’s guard regiment. They will also be performing duties at Windsor Castle and the Tower of London as well. This is all part of the honoring of the Royal Navy as 2017 was set as the Year of the Navy by former Defense Secretary Sir Michael Fallon. The Royal Navy has also welcomed new ships to its fleet.

I managed to find a 12 minute video on YouTube covering the changing of the guard. Unfortunately it’s not complete, but it’s definitely the longest one I’ve found thus far.

Also, if you’ve ever wondered about whether the Queen’s Guard can actually move about while on duty, I’ve found this video that talks about what they can and cannot do.


The Queen’s Gone Platinum!

No, not platinum blonde. Today is the 70th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Among all of the other unofficial titles she has, they both can claim the honour of being the only royal couple to celebrate a platinum anniversary! ❤


Very British Problems

I’ve discovered this series on YouTube and everything in it is what I love about Brits and it’s making me laugh. I would like to point out that the change in speaking is not exclusive to Brits. I have an Indian friend who speaks English with absolutely no trace of an Indian accent when she speaks to another Indian in English, she suddenly uses the English with an English accent. It’s so funny how she can turn it off and on.


I graduated from college in 1995. For many years after, I didn’t have a steady job. I signed up with a lot of agencies around the city that would send you to jobs on a temporary basis. Usually to fill in while someone was on leave. One of the best experiences I had was in the billing department of an enormous law firm here where I live. The firm was so huge that their letter head filled a third of a page. Of course it also included the names of deceased partners which seemed kind of weird to me, but anyway…

The ladies I worked with in the billing department had television radios (radios that also picked up the local tv stations) and they listened to their soap operas all day while they worked. They wore dictation headphones so no one would catch onto what they were doing. At least no one outside the department.

It was during my time at this law firm that the tragedy we remember today happened. The death of Diana, Princess of Wales, mother to two incredible sons. I remember being at the office when we heard about it. There was so much discussion every day. It’s so incredibly sad to think that there are people out there so determined to get a photograph of someone famous that they would endanger the life of that individual. I’m sure there were other factors involved, but in my mind, the paparazzi were the main component.

I hope that in the intervening 20 years since her tragic and untimely death, Princess Diana has watched over her sons and is proud of the amazing human beings these two men truly are. She suffered from mental health issues in her lifetime and it wasn’t appropriate for someone of her status to discuss these problems. I’m thrilled to see that her two sons are breaking with that tradition and are leading the way forward with open and frank discussions of mental health on all levels.


Thank You GB!

I would just like to express thanks to each and every citizen of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for any and all protests regarding the State Visit of the current President of the United States. You have your own battles to wage and I stand with you in those battles. You do not need yet another stain on your community by allowing such an animal to set foot on your soil.