English Ruins

I love ruins of just about any kind. There’s just something about a sense of abandonment that draws me to these places. That Great Britain has older ruins than anything I can find in my country is even better. Its as if the very soul of the land has seeped into the stones that make the mighty fortresses and havens for Christianity. By touching what’s left, you might get a glimpse of what life was like when the structure was alive with people.

So. This is going to be a work-in-progress list of all of the ruins I discover the existence of and then an added date of my visit. At first I had one list simply divided into each country, but I’ve since spread them out onto their own pages. This will be the only one of the pages with an introduction of what the lists are.

Furness Abbey 27.01.08

Peveril Castle

Corfe Castle

Bayham Old Abbey

St Patrick’s Chapel – 29.01.08

Castle Rising

North Yorkshire
Spofforth Castle
Scarborough Castle
Whitby Abbey

Ludlow Castle
Wenlock Priory

South Yorkshire
Sheffield Manor Lodge

Guildford Castle

Kenilworth Castle

East Sussex
Bodiam Castle
Hastings Castle

West Sussex
Bramber Castle
Racton Tower
Boxgrove Priory
Cowdray House


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